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The Real Problem with Fake Candidate Profiles

The Real Problem with Fake Candidate Profiles

Fake candidate profiles are frustrating, and the creation and distribution of disingenuous profiles is unfortunately an all-too-common issue that has long plagued the tech hiring process. Regardless of the reasons or intent of those responsible for creating them, nothing good can come from a situation where a person or company misrepresents themselves. It’s potentially an even larger issue for career-related sites like, where engendering and maintaining trust with candidates, recruiters and hiring organizations is one of the most critical components for success.  

The constant threat of individuals creating fraudulent profiles on various job boards and on other career-related sites across the industry causes more than just annoyance, as these profiles also slows down the time necessary for recruiters to sift through candidates and make it harder for real candidates to stand out and take the next steps in their careers. 
Throughout the industry, these fake profiles take a variety of forms. In some cases, they might be the result of a recruiter generating attention for other candidates they represent. In others, it could be an individual creating a profile that misrepresents their location or true identity to get their foot in the door. 
As job boards and hiring solutions have evolved and digitized, so have the methods for creating fraudulent profiles. For Rojgar Lab, this means that in order to offer the highest quality database of employers, we need to ensure they have access to confirmed, skilled and unique tech candidates. We launched a foundational revamp of our fraud detection strategy, incorporating Artificial Intelligence and machine learning into the new system, which reduces the need for human intervention to remove fake profiles and other negative behavior. 

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