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Value Screening

At RojgarLab, we take the onus of value screening the list of potential candidates for the specific job roles you are planning to fill up. Screening is a crucial stage of the hiring process that takes a lot of precision while skimming through the pool of resumes. Our data-driven insights help to identify and engage high-efficiency candidates.

The clear and well-planned screening process we follow, benefits companies in accelerating hiring speed, expanding talent pools, and promoting workforce diversity. Our screening strategies involves framing, managing and optimizing talent sourcing to get the in-demand talent on board.

The expert screening team at Rojgar Lab reviews the application, skills, experience, and educational qualifications of the candidate. We have specific sourcing teams for different industries that guarantees you get a person well-versed with your areas of expertise.

We get into critical introspection and competitor mapping for outlining the strengths and weaknesses of a particular candidate before passing on the resume to you for the final round.

Push My Profile a Unique Approach

Create a digital profile with us to connect with reputed organizations in your chosen field without any manipulation in between. Employers can also register for resumes that otherwise remain off the surface.