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At Rojgar Lab, we strive to offer the best recruiting solutions to our clients. Our job is not confined to a standard hiring process, but we collaborate with you to get through your hiring hurdles by preparing the finest ways to getting a potential employee for your team. The industry experts working on technologies like SAP and Talend get a reliable platform to choose the perfect minds from the narrowed list of the most efficient resumes.

Rojgar Lab works as a team to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. Our vision rests on the shoulders of the dedicated on-demand recruiters and hiring management experts in the team who carry out the responsibility of providing recruitment solutions to business owners/employers by planning their venture and getting them the best resumes to choose from.

Our Values

Integrity - We will deliver what we promise, and be sincere and fair in business

Dignity - We will always uphold the highest respect and compassion for individuals

Transparency - We will always maintain an open and straightforward attitude about our mode of functioning and relations with all stakeholders.

Professionalism - Our work will reflect the best practices in the industry.

Excellence - We will seek out ways to continuously improve every aspect of our functioning, and constantly raise the standards of our services.

Empowerment - We will always strive to enable all our stakeholders to achieve their best.

A new way of Engagement with Global Customers

  • Highly experience leadership team : Managed global HR and recruitment functions for decades with IT captives/ GICs and large software MNCs. We sit with you and jointly consult and agree on the deliverables and success approach to deliver on time
  • Combination of Technology & Human Resource Management
  • Equipped with huge market and industry intelligence
  • Nimble and agile : We engage with your initiatives and process as per your standards and timeline
  • Engage with quality initiatives and evaluation

Push My Profile a Unique Approach

Create a digital profile with us to connect with reputed organizations in your chosen field without any manipulation in between. Employers can also register for resumes that otherwise remain off the surface.