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9 Recruiting Tactics to Sharpen Up

9 Recruiting Tactics to Sharpen Up
Same as the country’s wealth, business success depends mostly on the right people inside it. The first and foremost step is a future-oriented recruiting strategy.

The triggers shaping the recruiting trends have changed. The unemployment rate grew rapidly because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn it brought about. What’s more, gig economy continues to expand and skills gaps in the workforce are more apparent than ever.

Under these conditions, recruiting tactics have to evolve and adapt to the new reality. So what tactics should you sharpen up?

Doubling down on recruitment marketing 
Recruiting marketing is a set of methods that increase potential candidates’ interest in the company as an employer. Its aim is to inform candidates about the company’s vacancies, warm-up their interest, convince them to respond to offers, and help them picture the organization as their next employer.

A good recruitment marketing strategy enables you to attract relevant candidates to open vacancies and raise the employer brand awareness.

It might seem counter-productive to double down on this recruiting tactic when there are a lot of candidates available on the market now. However, the top candidates are probably applying to multiple vacancies and you need to get them interested in your company. What’s more, you can’t afford to waste precious resources on unqualified candidates.

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